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What We Do






We believe everyone has knowledge to share at The Teaching Artist Hub. This means we offer a mentorship program that encourages Teaching Artists to learn from other Teaching Artists. We know your knowledge, skill and experience as a Teaching Artist will provide you with essential wisdom to guide those just beginning their journey to help cultivate the next generation of Teaching Artists.


Learn more on how to become a mentor or how to sign up for mentor sessions!


Offered virtually or in person

Our offerings are always changing to best fit the needs of our community. Offering a variety of workshops for Teaching Artist's personal and professional development is key to a well rounded, rich educational experience. Join skilled & experienced Teaching Artists as you learn through Technology, Healing, Arts Learning, and Business Workshops to better your craft, and to help you grow and feel established as an artist. 




Healing is an art form in itself. In order for teaching artists to deliver their best skills, being engaged with like minded artists through social settings, connections and networking are essential for a teacher's ability to heal. Community affinity groups, panel discussions, healing workshops and more are offered to help artists connect with one another. 




We hope to be a one stop shop for all Teaching Artists to find the tools they need. Our resources page is full of all kinds of opportunities to help you feel well connected and resourced as you move through your teaching artist work.


Check out our resources tab to connect with art councils and community based art organizations statewide and be sure to take a look at the Connecticut Office of the Arts Directory of Teaching Artists & how to apply so that you're on the list!


You can also sign up to receive the Connecticut Office of The Arts Newsletter and Information Blasts today and stay updated with opportunities that may be of interest to you.

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