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2024 Mentorship Grant

We believe the knowledge is in the room! Do you have TA experience that other TA's might benefit from? Would you like the opportunity to share your knowledge with others?

Learn more below!

What is a Mentor?


A mentor is a skilled teaching artist who is active in their arts discipline. They have understanding and experience in creating and executing lesson plans. A TA Mentor has taught in environments such as K-12, after school programs for youth, community group settings and adult learning.


We want to ensure our budding teaching artists have resources and people they can turn to in order to develop their skills as teaching artists. We know you have a lot to share with the next generation of teaching artist so let us support you in doing so!

The Teaching Artist Hub CT is happy to announce the 3rd annual 2024 Teaching Artist Mentorship Grant. We are looking for fun, exciting, and unique collaborations consisting of 2 teaching artists, (1) mentor and (1) mentee to work on projects,workshops, or events during the spring & summer of 2024. 

Our Applications are closed but we hope you keep us in mind next year so we can support the amazing work you do.

Marcella &

Cece McCarthy Reid

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